Compiled by Brenda Feldman - Feldman Public Relations

09/21/11 - "Young and the Restless' Lauralee Bell and Just off Rodeo"

08/31/11     We Love Soaps - "Exclusive Interview with Lauralee Bell"

08/31/11     Daytime Confidential - "DC Interview with Lauralee Bell"

08/26/11     Canyon News (Tommy Garrett) - "Lauralee Bell on Just off Rodeo Exclusive"

08/23/11     TubeFilter - "Lauralee Bell Tries New Model With Just off Rodeo"

08/23/11     We Love Soaps - "Just off Rodeo Episode Three"

08/23/11     Digital Chick TV - "Lauralee Bell is Back for Another Web Series"

05/25/11 (Mark Edward Wilow) - "Young and the Restless' Lauralee Bell Creates Interactive Web Series"

03/20/11     Canyon News (Tommy Garrett) - "Just Off Rodeo - Roundtable"

03/16/11     The Celebrity Cafe (Sari N. Kent) - "Lauralee Bell Launches Her Second Web Series"

02/27/11     Los Angeles Times (Image Section) - "Watch, Click, and Buy"

02/27/11     Soap Opera Digest - "Not Just Another Rodeo"

02/16/11     Michael Fairman Soaps - "Lauralee Bell Discusses New Web Series"

02/13/11     Canyon News (Tommy Garrett) - "Lauralee Bell, 'Just off Rodeo', Exclusive"

02/12/11     DayTime Confidential - "Love This: Lauralee's New Web Series 'Just off Rodeo' is Fabulicious"

02/11/11     San Francisco News - "Just off Rodeo"

02/11/11     TV Guide Canada - "The Suds Report" 

02/08/11 - "The Real LauraLee Bell"

02/08/11     SheKnows - "New Web Series"

02/08/11     CBS Soaps In Depth - "Bell Launches New Web Series"

02/04/11     Los Angeles Times (Emili Vesilind) - "Actress Lauralee Bell Launches 'Just Off Rodeo' Web Series with a Fashion Retail Element"